Thursday, 21 April 2011

Finally, DBKL!

Yesterday, for a change I decided to have my breakfast at Starbucks BV 1, yes the one with the highest presence potential (for those who don't know there are three starbucks in one street at Bangsar - Telawi, third floor of BV 2 and at the entrance of BV 1).

Nothing fancy just a Venti Latte and some muffins but it remains one of the few places with a reliable wi-fi in this place you might call a city. Anyway, I had gotten hold of my daily dosage of the Star and the Edge Financial Daily at the guy in front of HSBC, looking forward to another morning of nothingness.

The Sarawak hangover somehow still linger in the news, but the main story of the day was the EPP announcements. I will reserve a dedicated posting on the absurdness of the 1Malaysia email after a few doses of espresso. It crowded out the billions announced by Najib. When will they ever learn?

As usual, I flipped over the sports page and analysed the table looking at how Liverpool can win the League this season. Doesn't look likely King Kenny but we will get the Man U scums next season. Note: Am pleased to see Torres doing more of the same!

Sipping my latte (no sugar, only equal) I came across the cover of the Star's Metro section which featured my beloved Bangsar on the cover. The Star Metro Cover 

The residents rep had this to say:

Bukit Bandar Raya Residents Association lauded DBKL’s move in ridding the township off banners.

“We agree that the residents must also play a proactive role in ensuring that Bangsar stays clean and harmonious,’’ said the association’s vice-president Mumtaz Ali.

“We want our housing estate to be planted with more trees, shrubs and plants not marred by ugly banners,’’ Mumtaz added.

Bangsar Baru RA president Datuk George Joseph said it was one of the best decisions DBKL had made.

I tend to agree with George. Kudos DBKL although I haven't completely forgiven the parking incident (where I was stranded in front of nirwana for 25 minutes because someone double parked and the enforcement guys did not even glance let alone give a ticket) let's call a spade a spade.

Hope you will keep this up.